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To Grow And Support Changemaker Talent

An initiative by ImpactX, Ashoka, and 27 Changemaker Campuses

Prominent thought leaders are calling changemaking the “new literacy”

Changemaking Is A Singular Skill In This World Of Rapid And Continuous Shifts

We need Changemakers who can manage complexity, work across boundaries, and create solutions from emergent conditions.

Our goal is to dramatically increase the density of Changemakers ready to address today’s challenges.

changemaker enablement system

  • A movement where we cultivate a deep cultural shift toward Changemaking

  • A professional and social network any Changemaker can join

  • A place to access education and experiencesthat help Changemakers grow their individual skills and opportunities

  • A place where organizations access services that support their Changemaking programs, such as impact measurement, employee engagement, etc.

We Are Collectively Establishing

A network and an enablement infrastructure that promotes the identification and strengthening of Changemaker talent.

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Identify and increase visibility for changemaker talent

collectively_icon_two collectively_icon_two_hover

New pathways to strengthen changemaker skills

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Evolve the measures for assessing changemaker talent

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Create a robust marketplace for changemaking talent

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