Social Change = Functioning In Networks Of Relationships

“We contain, and are contained within, a great multitude of systems and processes – flickering into being, growing, ebbing and renewing.”

Andrew Zolli

Set Up Your Ecosystem Hub

At ImpactX, we turn your connections into a thriving Ecosystem Hub

Connect the people, data, operations, and communications that are essential to your Changemaking

Imagine Connecting Your Entire Ecosystem Under One Umbrella!

ImpactX gives you indispensable internal ecosystem management advantages:

Art by Leon Zernitsky

Option for divisions or partners to self-manage their identity and functions on the platform

Harmonize data collection, sharing, and analysis across the ecosystem so you can compare or aggregate data and always know what’s working

Partners can replicate your processes, including forms, surveys and work products for standardization and scaling

Communicate with players within the ecosystem, and set different permissions according to players’ specific roles

Share common metrics to elevate impact evidence gathering and measurement across the enterprise

Share best practices so everyone improves

Visualize each player and its distinctive role in your enterprise

Your Networked Ecosystem Has Big External Advantages, Too!

Brand your ecosystem exactly as you wish and showcase its mission and players to the world

  • Get a dedicated URL for your ecosystem

  • Announce important developments such as the integration of new partners

  • Show outcomes achieved by your ecosystem, such as aggregated impact

  • Leverage your ecosystem partners’ relationships to get a network of networks

Connected For Optimal Productivity

Brand your ecosystem exactly as you wish and showcase its mission and players to the world

  • Cloud-based means pervasive access to the ecosystem (via internet)

  • Mobile or desktop enabled

  • Streamline operations with automated reminders to the team

  • Notifications about events

  • Ecosystem members can share curated content, internally or externally

Let’s Collaborate For Change

“The key thing about the world’s big problems is that they have to be dealt with collectively. If we don’t get collectively smarter, we’re doomed.” – Dr. Douglas Engelbart

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