Data Is Essential To Enabling Peer-Driven Change

The UnProgram: A Thousand Micro-Entrepreneurs Change Their Lives

In a movement that is the “unprogram” for combating poverty, poor entrepreneurs are moving themselves up by their ambition, creativity and persistence. You can meet 1,000 of them on the Mutuality Platform, created with ImpactX Platform building blocks.


Otis Learned From Data And Teaches Others

Meet Otis Kuopar. He runs a brick factory in Liberia, Africa. With $100 investment, he increased his business by 368%. He now employs multiple young people.

Otis tracked his business growth on the Mutuality Platform. He uses that information to help others who want to try their hand at replicating his success.

The Mutuality Platform

The Platform is called “Mutuality” because people help each other transform.

The Mutuality Platform is where micro-entrepreneurs are learning to grow their businesses, get crowdsourced funding, and share their skills in order to inspire others to emulate their achievements.

Metrics That Wow

The poverty alleviation results are inspiring and verified by cumulative data captured by the platform.

“Nonprofits and philanthropists often think of low-income community members as the last mile of a social impact effort, where adoption and buy-in from community members are vital. With peer-driven change, those same people must be viewed as the first mile, where leadership, autonomy, and tenacity constitute the very engine of their own progress.”

The Bridgespan Group

Case Study : How Data Enabled Income To Go From $1.20 per day to $3.65 in 10 months

The Mutuality Platform Is Helping To Catalyze A Broad Mindshift Regarding How To Alleviate Poverty

Poor people are not charity cases. Many are Changemakers, leading their own transformation and sending ripples through their communities.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

Mother Teresa

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