“Helps me to scale”


“I can give my sponsors evidence-based validation”


“Direct crowd funding of projects attracted new donors”


“The platform relates my projects to SDGs”

Get Your Ecosystem Together In One Platform

Whether you are a first-time Changemaker or a seasoned practitioner with a thriving ecosystem, your impact platform will empower you to go farther and faster by acting as the central hub for the people, data, operations, and communications that are critical to your endeavor.

Your impact platform serves as the “smart mothership” for your Changemaking journey.

  • Comprehensive: Visualize and optimize your entire project or program lifecycle with platform-wide analytics within the system.

  • Seamless: Use a common set of tools across teams and lifecycle stages.

  • Secure: Get highest level of protection and control for your data.

  • Transparent: Automatically capture and correlate all actions— from setup to completed milestones—for easy traceability, evidence, and storytelling.

  • Easy to adopt: Not difficult to learn. Your designated Administrator(s) will be able to manage your platform.

Uniquely Your Changemaking Journey

Construct your platform your way from core building blocks, brand it, own and control the contents, and manage it yourself. (Don’t worry, we will guide you).

Option for Privacy or Sharing

The ImpactX system lets you completely control what you share and what others view.

Your Platform Building Blocks

We made core building blocks so you can select just the features you want. Below are the top 10 features. Talk to us about customization if you need something special.


Featured Innovations That Improve Collaboration and Visibility

Project builder

Helps you construct the profile of your project or endeavor. It is flexible enough to be used for a simple project or a complex program. It leads you through key elements to provide a comprehensive view of your activity.

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Ecosystem builder

Lets you represent your entire network of players and provides a central activity hub to keep everyone connected and on the same page. Enables you to standardize tasks across your ecosystem and integrate new players into your processes so you can quickly scale and replicate best practices.

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Data builder

Helps you create forms to capture data and graphs to display results for maximum impact. It allows you to do the kind of analysis and work you need, such as to aggregate, compare, or share data.

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Impact builder

Helps you decide which metrics you will use to measure your endeavor’s impact. You can use metrics provided by the platform or your own.

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Caring Support

Help when you need it! We know you do not want to struggle with platform challenges. We are here to guide you.

Make data your true friend! Many Changemakers are in the early stages of using data. We take the intimidation out of data so you can maximize it for analysis, evidence, and strategic decision-making.

We handle historic data! Not staffed to move historical data onto the platform? No problem. We will manage the migration process for you.

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