What Is The Impact?

How do we know what was achieved?

ImpactX and the University of Virginia’s Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy undertook a collaborative research project to analyze how well the most prominent frameworks for evaluating impact do in informing us about actual impact outcomes.


Christine Mahoney, UVA Professor and Fulbright Scholar

Professor Christine Mahoney, Constructed A Semester-Long Research Program With ImpactX

Nearly 50 students spent a semester analyzing how well prominent impact measurement frameworks do at revealing impact


Louisa Edwards, a student of social impact

The Research Outcome

Measurement frameworks provide a misleading sense of comfort. They often lead to a rosy but incomplete picture that fails to adequately portray actual mixed results and complexities in outcomes.

Read Louisa’s brief Research Paper that explains what she and her classmates uncovered.


Louisa’s Research Paper

ImpactX Applied The Research

The research study was used to shape how ImpactX platform tools allow Changemakers to document and measure impact outcomes.

Evidence of impact is essential to any Changemaking endeavor. ImpactX tools are designed to enable Changemakers to gather and make sense of quantitative and qualitative evidence in order to understand, assess, and communicate their impact.

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