Centering Your Growth Strategy

Changemakers who are ready to scale need to consider how a Platform can fuel the growth strategy. ImpactX can help you reimagine your activity with our Scale Builder Assessment, a diagnostic tool that allows you to understand how the Platform will help your operations grow.

We know many Changemakers are just becoming familiar with what a Platform can do for them. Many have misconceptions, such as “a Platform is too expensive for my budget,” or “noone on my staff is IT savvy” or “ I can build a Platform myself.” Let’s put these roadblocks aside!

Platform Enabled Scaling

Consider the story of Community Independence Initiative, which turned to the ImpactX platform to scale change.

In 2020, CII was conducting projects in one country in Africa. Two years later, it has scaled its anti-poverty program from this single location to multiple sites in Africa, as well as launching in four more countries. WHERE ELSE?

Partners and Participants Linked Via The Mutuality Platform

CII disseminates its Peer-driven Change methodology to new partners via the Platform.

CII grew 5X by enabling its partners to share practices and data via the platform see The Mutuality Platform

How ImpactX Helped CII Expand Operations

“The Platform is key. First, we used the Platform to collect data that proves the impact of Peer-Driven change. That made others want to emulate our practices. ImpactX helped us integrate new partners into a growing Ecosystem. The platform provides new partners access to the same systems we use so they can replicate our approaches. Now we can disseminate new methods to everyone and that permits rapid growth. Moreover, we can all collect data in the same way, which allows us to continually compare and aggregate impact. That helps us attract funding. We have launched a growing movement around Peer-driven Change. We simply cannot scale without the Platform.”

Mauricio Miller

Founder & CEO
Community Independence Initiative (CII)

Mauricio is scaling Peer-driven Change

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