Lots Of Buzz About Impact Measurement

We see many Changemakers are trying to figure out what impact measurement means in their own practice.

It is not always easy. That’s why ImpactX offers powerful but uncomplicated approaches to impact measurement for everyone who cares about tracking and interpreting data about outcomes.

5 Fundamentals

From the inception of an impact project to its conclusion, there are steps to take that lead you to an evidence-based result.

ImpactX Platform tools help you at each step

  • Document Your Theory of Change
  • Identify and Apply Metrics
  • Show Evidence of Outcomes
  • Capture Data for Analysis
  • Report Measurement Results

Theory Of Change

At ImpactX, we start with the basics. When you create a project, we prompt you to explain your theory of change. That just means you state what transformation you are aiming to make happen and how you plan to go about it.

Evidence Of Outcomes

No matter what kind of evidence you collect, it can be captured by the platform and become available online to you or others you designate. Whether it is a photograph, video, data graph, text report, or another kind of file, ImpactX makes it an accessible part of your records.

Capturing Analytical Data

ImpactX lets you create forms and surveys that are designed for capturing data from the field. The platform database lets you compare and aggregate data, or see views based on fields you define. Of course, share data with anyone you designate. And you can use the graph tool to present your data in the way that best communicates to your audiences.


Metrics are the indicators by which you assess change. The ImpactX platform lets you select your own metrics so you can measure change in exactly the terms that make sense in your world. As the ImpactX library of metrics grows, you can also consider alternative criterion.

Super Feature: Metrics you report via the ImpactX Platform will be updated automatically with new data you collect via online forms and surveys.

No need to manually calculate and refresh numbers with the latest inputs. The ImpactX system streamlines the process.

Reporting Measurement And Results

ImpactX clients communicate impact results right on their platform so stakeholders can get up-to-date information 24/7. Your Platform will let you show results according to the metrics you select. If you want to include qualitative information, it is easy to incorporate photos, video and text to make any story come alive.

Better Than Spreadsheets!

We understand that many Changemakers are heavy users of spreadsheets for capturing data. Friends, it is time to hang up those sheets!With ImpactX, you can be best friends with data.

Say hello to having access to a database that lets you easily capture longitudinal data, compare or aggregate findings, and instantly share facts and figures. Say no to poor data reusability. Say yes to incorporating historical data so you can see long-term trends. When you use the Platform tools, you enter the realm of evidence-based analysis and data-driven decision-making.

So Easy To Use ImpactX Digital Tools

Don’t feel intimidated about using a database. ImpactX data management tools will make measuring change a whole lot easier.

Impact Measurement Infrastructure

The integration of these elements forms the infrastructure we use to enable you to measure your Changemaking impact

  • FormularyXThe growing catalog of metrics
  • HyperCatalogOur way to cross-reference metrics to enable comparability, even in different measurement systems
  • MetriXOur method of automatically updating your metrics with new data collected in forms & surveys

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