ImpactX Is Leading A Coalition Of Experts And Working With The IEEE To Democratize Access To Carbon Credits

Small and medium scale projects that reduce carbon are everywhere and many are producing great results. But, they are just too small to participate in the main carbon trading markets because the cost of certification under the Verra or Gold Standard is prohibitive.

Work Together So Valuable Efforts Are Not Left Out

In the challenge of reducing carbon, small and medium sized projects can make a big difference. Actually, they make up the majority of carbon reducing projects.

Practical Steps That Make Standards Work For Small And Medium Sized Projects

We are spearheading efforts aimed at democratizing access to lucrative carbon markets. Presently, small and medium sized projects that are indeed sequestering carbon are effectively barred from carbon markets because the process required for becoming certified to participate is excessively complicated and expensive. We aim to streamlining the process by which smaller projects can become certified, without compromising on the underlying quality of projects. We are working toward standards that can be satisfied through less costly means of assessment, and the establishment of regional carbon credit registries that make it easier for smaller projects to enroll. Further, we want to ensure that assessors are independent and objective, rather than paid by the applicant.

To Propel Advances, ImpactX Is Leading Workshops And Research Involving Many Stakeholders:

Sustainability-focused /Impact investors

Climate action project developers

Carbon removal/ sequestration technologists

Sustainability- minded Technology Corporations

International agencies (e.g., ITU, World Bank)

Government and government-related entities and agencies

Relevant academic researchers

Educational institutions, foundations

Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)

Financial Institutions

Think tanks, grantors, and investors

Opening Opportunities For Everyone

By lending our efforts to creating standards and processes that incentivize more carbon sequestration projects at the small and medium scale, we are opening opportunities for everyone.

We will continue to collaborate with the community and work through influential forums in order to make changes that are inclusive and better serve our common goal of reducing CO2.

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