Addressing The Climate Emergency Will Require Large-Scale Removal Of Carbon(CO2) From The Atmosphere

Agricultural and natural lands are our most valuable tools in massively scaling up rates of CO2 sequestration across the globe.

ImpactX Puts GHG Assessment Tools In The Hands Of Small Farmers

ImpactX designed a platform with an intuitive user interface and simplified data entry to put GHG assessment tools in the hands of small farmers.

Now 1000 small hold farmers in India who knew little about carbon sequestration are geared up for measuring the carbon capture of the trees they plant.

Small Efforts Aggregated Turn Into Big Impact

5 out of every 6 farms in the world consists of less than two hectares. What if tens of thousands, if not millions, of small farms were incentivized to plant trees that store carbon, just like the 1000 farmers in India!

ImpactX is partnering with GigaTrees in India and others to orchestrate little steps into an enormous aggregated march of farming power for a better planet.

Leveraging Blockchain For Helping The Planet And The Economic Well-Being Of Small Farmers

By thinking at scale, and using blockchain to verify and combine the actions of many small actors, we have the opportunity to make a big difference for climate change.

Simultaneously, we can also help the economic progress of small farmers around the world. As they till the soil and nurture the trees that store carbon, they are very far from carbon markets. But through the platform, we can enable them to reap economic benefits from the sale of carbon credits that their work makes possible.

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