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Do the Change

Launch your Impact platform that super charges your organization and provides a better way to manage your projects

…people,data,impact, community, transactions,knowledge,membership,data, privacy,crowd-funding ….


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Measure the Change

Collect qualitative and quantitative data from your grass roots level operations and measure

…analyze,compare,aggregate,visualize,create forms,create custom metrics,standardized metrics,SDGs …


Grow the Change

Scale your impact from launching a project to orchestrating a global movement by

…platform replication,cross-listing,impact aggregation, ecosystem management,data-sharing,sister-organizations …


Be the Change

Create your Impact Profile and connect with the Changemaker community

…create journey boards, launch projects,fund projects,follow projects,join organizations…

Art: James Heimer

Invest For Change

Find top Changemakers and understand how the projects you invest in are creating change

Monitoring, reporting and verification, find top talent, network your portfolio…

Art: Arthur B VanGundy and Linda Naiman

Collaborate For Change

Join the global Changemaker sharing and learning community while also creating your own extranet platform to

...connect your stakeholders into a cohesive network, manage data and workflows, streamline communications.

Your platform can change the world!

1000+ micro-entrepreneurs are conquering poverty by collaborating on the Mutuality Platform.


Art: Eric Mack


Changemaker Talent & Enablement

ImpactX, Ashoka, and universities are collaborating to create the Changemaker Enablement System.


Impact Metrics And Measurement Does Not Have To Be Rocket Science!

Research by ImpactX and University of Virginia on interconnecting impact metrics frameworks leads to practical measurement tools for Changemakers


Students And Universities Can Change The World!

Santa Clara University’s Frugal Innovation Hub is driving research and projects that leverage technology to solve the wicked problems of our world. ImpactX is working with universities to showcase their Changemaking achievements and activities.


Art: Gloria Ip Tung


Art: Michael Watts


Connecting Small and Medium Changemakers to Carbon Markets

ImpactX is galvanizing IEEE to create a new standard for certifying small and medium nature-based projects as carbon reducing

Small Farmers, Trees and Blockchain Come Together To Help The Planet

ImpactX’s initiative, CarbonBlock, will reduce carbon and poverty.


Our Testimonial

We work in multiple countries and ally with many organizations. Until we found the ImpactX Platform, we did not have a way to showcase our Ecosystem, share surveys and data with partners, or know our aggregate impact. We are done using excel spreadsheets. The ImpactX Platform allows us to measure our impact and scale. We can also conduct direct fundraising online so sponsors select and follow specific projects. Checkout my ecosystem: The Mutuality Platform

Mauricio Miller

Founder & Director
Community Independence Initiative

Our Partners in Change!


Latest Updates


Up With Africa has just joined ImpactX!

November 2022-

We are excited that Up With Africa has just joined ImpactX! Up With Africa is dedicated to economic development and wildlife conservation in the African continent. Its programs include English learning camps, sponsorships for Congolese college students, and peer-to-peer cross-cultural exchange between African and American students. It joins the Mutuality Platform Ecosystem that
resides on the ImpactX Platform.


The Block: Article on How Technology Can Accelerate SDGs

September 2022-

Kartik Kulkarni’s article on how Blockchain technology can be used to accelerate SDGs was published in The Block, an online tech magazine.



September 2022-

Kartik Kulkarni received the IEEE Theodore W.Hissey Outstanding Young Professional Award.

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